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Paul, I had a great time at your Indepth Fishing Lessons. Hard cold front, NNE winds, and you delivered giant bass each day, and over 30 the last day!! Worth every penny for all the information, the fishing and great food. I would recommend your school to anyone wanting to bass fish, whether a seasoned fisherman or a new comer, it will speed them along with long earned experience from a true professional!! Can't wait to come back and fish with you again!!

Thanks for an experience of a lifetime !! Jerry B.

Paul, Patrick and myself want to thank you for the two day in depth fishing lessons. These are two days we will never forget. From the time we arrived at your cabin for breakfast you made us feel welcome and at home. We hit the water and begin catching fish. You would sit down for a while, we couldn't catch any fish, you would get a rod and bam you showed us again one behind another. My biggest fish was 7 lbs 9 oz. You shared a lot with us and we will be forever greatful for learning from a legend. I would do it again and would not change a thing.

Thanks again Paul for a wonderful time.
Wayne Gant and Patrick Currie

I can't think of any way other than to simply say "thank you" for your hospitality and your patience the two days we were with you!  I, as anyone that has had the opportunity
to visit with you for fishing was certainly blessed! 
As you found out I am absolutely a "newbie" when it comes to bass fishing and have a long way to go, but your patience and guidance way surpassed what I had expected!
It was certainly an honor (and fun), to say, I have been there, got the hat!  More so than the fishing, I just enjoyed hearing the stories and talking with you, that within itself will was such an honor and a story I can share with others that have never or will ever get the chance to do this.  It is so refreshing to meet such an humble and sharing person that has the reputation and background on fishing that you have.  This is one thing I will always cherish! I didn't mention it this weekend, but I am a 12 year breast cancer survivor and on my "Bucket List" was to fish with a pro.  I thought I would have to pay to do an FLW, I never dreamed the chance would be handed to me like it was. Now that is one thing I can mark off my list!  Thank you for that one as well!
Jerry either has or will email you and I know he has mentioned he plans to get the rigs to you that you wanted straight away.  I just wanted to ask one more favor if I could.  I had intended to and forgot.  I would like the crank bait that I caught that fish on, if you don't mind parting with it.  I would love to put it on my shelving in my office.  If this is something you don't mind doing you can send it to me at 10361F North Main Street, Troy, NC 27371, please sign it if you do. This is my office address and someone will be there to get it.  This has probably been my last year of club tournament fishing due to more demands at work, so glad this happened before the personnel cuts began. I will be taking on another persons responsibilities as well as my own in 2013.
Again, Thank you and it was sincerely an honor and a privilege to be a guest in your home and have the opportunity that I had!
Hope all goes well for you in the next season and be safe in your travels!
Lynn DeBerry (aka Big Fish Lynn)

Paul Elias Fishing Lessons Just a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip to Pachuta. As an avid angler I found In-Depth Fishing to be a master's level course in the sport of bass fishing.  I learned a great deal and it was fun to apply the lessons while catching lunker bass (see photos).  Lake Eddins is an extraordinary fishery!  I appreciated your willingness to share your expertise and answer my many questions.  The two days with you filled in some major gaps in my knowledge.  I'm looking forward to applying the new techniques with lure selection, deep structure techniques and, yes, my new knots.  I'll let you know how these impact my tournament results.

Congratulations on your Top 20 finish on the Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake this past weekend!  Way to go!

Please feel free to provide prospective clients with my phone # if they would like a reference re: In-Depth Fishing Lessons.

Kind regards,
David McLarnon
Natick, MA

 Paul, hope you are doing well. I " i have fished with multiple elite series anglers over the past few years and have learned valuable information from each one. Paul's knowledge of structure fishing combined with a one on one approach is the best money i ever spent on fishing. Even if you think you already know everything there is to know about structure fishing, Paul will make you better. I hope to make a repeat trip in 2007 to continue the learning experience"


William Loftin

Hi Paul

I want to thank you again for the fishing instruction.  I learned more in 2 days with you than I have been able to learn on my own in 3 years.  I have read books watched DVD’s and have gone to Bassmaster Seminars.  I believe now that one on one instruction is the best way to improve my fishing skills.  I have been telling all of my fishing buddies about my experience in private instruction.  My Triton Dealer said he is going to tell his customers and maybe call you for himself.
I have started my home work on my home lake.  The drop shot and deep diving crankbait instruction has really begun to pay off.

Thanks again, I wish you all the best.  If you are up my way please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your Most Grateful Student


Sorry for the bad pictures.  I tried to smile but the fish were so heavy all I could do was grit my teeth.
Fisherman – What a remarkable opportunity to fish and learn from a legend in bass fishing!

Fellow bass fishing enthusiasts my name is Robert Chandler who works as an engineer day to day down in southwest Louisiana and I am just your average weekend angler aspiring to locate and put more fish in the livewell more consistently. Recently, I read an article in the Bassmaster magazine that Paul Elias who when I was a teenager had just started his fishing career and now he is offering lessons on deep structure fishing. If you know anything about the bass fishing world, then I need not tell you how Paul is considered one of the best deep water structure Fisherman on the Bassmaster Elite series circuit.

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Jake Lands 7.7 Largemouth Fishing with Paul


Paul, Wanted to drop you a line and again thank you for the great time Lance and I had. The time spent with you on the electronics was amazing,but the real deal was when we put that knowledge and applied it out on the water on Friday.We guessed our best 5 would of been in the 42 lb range, with both of us catching our personal best fish of our lifes.We had 2 over 10 and 1 around 9 from your lake. We are getting ready to start into the Everstart series this year and your class will definitely help us out.

Thanks again, Frank

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