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> Day 3: 5, 20-07 (15, 48-09) Elias said the bites he was getting in practice finally showed up again today and it helped him secure his second Top-12 cut of the year.

"My big fish hadn't bit yet and they finally did today," he said. "I just hope I can catch them again tomorrow. The way they're jacking with the water and the way I'm fishing outside grass, when the water rises the fish go in the grass and when they drop it, they come back out to where I'm it. It's like a cat and mouse game."

His first 2 days were slow in terms of the numbers of fish he was catching, but today he figured he caught three limits, all on a crankbait.

"I caught two good ones pretty quick, then struggled for a long time," he said. "I caught most of my fish between 1 and 2:30 this afternoon. With all of the fluctuations here they get triggered and do their deal and with what I'm doing if they show up, I can pop a big bag quick." Read more

Jake Lands 7.7 Largemouth Fishing with Paul


Paul, Wanted to drop you a line and again thank you for the great time Lance and I had. The time spent with you on the electronics was amazing,but the real deal was when we put that knowledge and applied it out on the water on Friday.We guessed our best 5 would of been in the 42 lb range, with both of us catching our personal best fish of our lifes.We had 2 over 10 and 1 around 9 from your lake. We are getting ready to start into the Everstart series this year and your class will definitely help us out.

Thanks again, Frank

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Just a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip to Pachuta. As an avid angler I found In-Depth Fishing to be a master's level course in the sport of bass fishing.  I learned a great deal and it was fun to apply the lessons while catching lunker bass (see photos).  Lake Eddins is an extraordinary fishery! Click Here

David McLarnon
Natick, MA

Fisherman – What a remarkable opportunity to fish and learn from a legend in bass fishing! Fellow bass fishing enthusiasts my name is Robert Chandler who works as an engineer day to day down in southwest Louisiana and I am just your average weekend angler aspiring to locate and put more fish in the livewell more consistently. Recently, I read an article in the Bassmaster magazine that Paul Elias who when I was a teenager had just started his fishing career Click Here